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In India, they are twenty states and approximately every state have their own rituals and traditions. What do you mean by rituals? Rituals are the customs or traditions that; are followed by a particular religion. People can take help from elite matrimony to have the best bride and groom.

Some of the different types of rituals that are done in a Hindu wedding are mentioned below:

  • Wedding date fixation according to the stars: The wedding date in the Hindu marriages is fixed according to the stars whereas in some religions it is chosen by the people only. In Hindus, it is believed that; the wedding date should be fixed by the Pandit after seeing the Birth Patrika and the gates of the bride and groom. This is the first ritual that; is held at a Hindu wedding.

  • Pre-wedding party: In this ritual, all the people dance and enjoy a lot. This is a ritual in which people sing-song to dance on DJ’s etc. this is the Sangeet ritual that; is held in almost all the religions. If someone is searching for life partners they can find elite matrimony brides and grooms on elite matrimony.com.

  • Mehndi: Both the bride and groom’s hand are adorned with henna. It means that; both the bride and groom are applied with Mehndi on their hands. This is a wedding ritual in all the religions and is held just before the wedding day. Sangeet and Mehndi are common rituals in every wedding.

  • The couples wed under the Mandap: This is a ritual that; is held at Hindu weddings only. The Mandap is decorated with flowers and other things. Therefore, the fire is set in between and the couple weds under that Mandap.

  • A fire is burning in the center of the Mandap: The couple weds under the Mandap and therefore, a fire is set between the Mandap so that; the couple can take her around it. This is also a ritual that takes place in a Hindu wedding.

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  • The bride and groom exchange floral garlands during the Jai Mala: This is a ritual in which the bride wears the garland in the groom’s neck and the groom wear the garland in the bride’s neck.

  • Giving daughter (Kanyadan): In this ritual the father of the bride through water on the hands of bride and groom in order to tell he is giving her father to the groom’s family.

  • Phere: After this, a cloth is kept on the groom’s shoulder and is tied to the female and then they circle the fire seven times but doing seven promises. This is the ritual that; is only a Hindu wedding ritual. After this, the red powder is applied on the bride’s hair by the groom to announce that the bride and groom are tied in a relation of husband and wife.

These are the different types of rituals that; are held at a Hindu wedding.


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