Werner Boehm extortion and blackmailing case by using cyber crime techniques

cyber crime techniques

Blackmailing and extortion are two events which should not be tolerated at all. Despite repeated warnings from various sources people, again and again, fall into these traps and end up as victims some bankrupted and some cases are even worse. One such severe case was reported in December 2106 and went ahead to become a global headline. The case that is referred here is the Werner Boehm extortion flow which was accused of extortion and blackmailing several people through the news in a web portal which created a lot of uneasy moments for the company in which Werner Boehm was the CEO.

Which portal was the use of publishing these fake articles?

Several controversial articles which are considered fake was published in a portal called finance telegram which is a portal of the company in which is partnered by Ilan Tzorya. This led to the famous labeling Fintelegram Extortion Tool and people blacklisted this web portal.

Involvement of different mafia in this case

Several investigations made on the case suggested the involvement of criminal chains of Bulgarian mafia and Israel and Romanian criminal chains in this case but nothing has been proved till date and investigations are still on the process.

cyber crime techniques

How did the extortion chain start?

Werner Boehm partnered together with another person called Uwe Lenhoff in Bit-rush and illegally used to the company website to carry out such extortion activity. When the company came to know about this in February 2017 Werner Boehm was removed from his CEO post and he was charged with certain conditions imposed on him.

Who all were involved in this extortion case?

The involvement of certain people, in this case, is not yet known. But those charged at this moment are Werner Boehm along with Alfred Dobias and Ilan Tzroya as the main persons involved in this extortion. But none of them has accepted any of the charges. Everyone else involved in the case said that they were lying. Some pieces of evidence associated with electronic conversations have been recovered but that is not sufficient to prove them guilty. 

Court’s decision on the Werner Boehm extortion case

Court breached the fraud story of Werner Boehm and asked all the accused members to pay a heavy lump sum amount to Bit-rush. The Court ordered that Boehm and MezzaCap repay $561,373 that had been misappropriated from Bit-Rush and ordered costs of $225,956 payable to Bit-Rush. In the event that the $561,373 was not repaid, it was ordered that Bit-Rush could cancel shares held by MezzaCap of equivalent value. 

This case still remains one of the most controversial extortion and blackmailing cases and Werner Boehm has not yet accepted the charges nor has the others accused have accepted any charges on these cases and demands further investigations to be done on the issue. The involvement of any mafia has also not been confirmed to the public and still remains a mystery to be solved. This case however definitely taught everyone to be aware of such situations.


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