Sisal carpet| Things you would want to know before buying sisal rugs and flooring covers

sisal carpet

If you are looking for sustainable and natural options of floor covering in your home and office, then sisal rugs are a great choice. Sisal area rugs, flooring, and carpets are worth buying if you want something hard-wearing, biodegradable and functional for a long time to come. There are many of us who have just seen sisal rugs on the covers of glossy magazines or heard interior designers on TV shows talking about them.

Sustainable natural choice

Sisal floor coverings are highly environment-friendly and these are one of the sustainable fiber choices and these are mostly procured ethically form the natural fibers of agave plant without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Agave sisalana is a native plant of Brazil and Africa. The fibers of this plant grow to a height of 2 -3 feet and are harvested by hand. The sisal plant fibers are considered to be highly stronger than jute and other plant fibers.

Why use sisal rugs?

There are so many benefits of using the sisal rugs in homes. The strength factor of the sisal fibers makes it an ideal material for creating rugs and carpets.

  • Sisal is highly durable, thus, it is highly suited for use in high traffic areas of the homes like living rooms. You can also place these in bedrooms in various kinds of settings. These can be placed as wall-to-wall flooring covers or as area rugs. These can also be placed along the walls of a home.
  • You would be surprised to know that a sisal carpet when used appropriately, can last with you in a perfect condition for more than 8 years.
  • Sisal fibers are anti-static which means these do not get charged with friction to attract dust particles present in the surroundings. Thus, a sisal carpet does not get soiled very soon in normal conditions. It can simply get cleaned thoroughly with vacuuming routine. Due to this property, sisal flooring covers are highly suited for people who are allergic to dust or who are prone to respiratory problems.
  • Sisal is non-toxic. Thus, you can rest assured that everyone in the home including the children and pets is safe.
  • Sisal is colorfast and it wouldn’t exude the colors dyed on to the fibers. The ability of sisal to get dyed in different shades makes it a great choice for the interior designers. Sisal in its natural colors also lends a classic touch to the surroundings in a subtle way.

Other considerations

Sisal fibers are slightly hard and feel rough. So, these may not be ideal for sitting on them. However, when sisal is blended with other fibers like wool, a very soft blend appears which is suitable for use involving tactile perceptions.

Sisal is very sensitive to moisture. Rugs and carpets made from sisal should be acclimatized with the place where these are to be fixed by placing them at the location for at least 24 hours. Sisal fibers swell in high moisture conditions and become contracted on losing water. Thus, when these acquire the right size in an atmosphere, these should be installed, preferably using an underlay. One should not use sisal rugs in the outdoors or in places having a lot of moisture like (near bathrooms or in kitchen areas).


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