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High bay light fixtures are used in warehouses, manufacturing plants and in other commercial and industrial facilities with large open interior spaces and high ceilings. They pose design and engineering challenges because they generally need to illuminate large open floor spaces with the least amount of maintenance, given the difficulty of repairing and replacing anything that is installed twenty or more feet above any floor. In all cases, LED high bay reflectors and fixtures are the perfect answer to that challenge.

In facilities and venues with ceilings exceeding 15 feet, high bay light fixtures are the light fixtures of choice. HID Metal Halide High Bay Light Fixtures are often the go-to solution for high bay light applications. However, HID Metal Halide is not the only light option available: High-Efficiency Fluorescent and LED light technologies to existing too.

Therefore, people are left wondering: which light option is the best for them?

The Conventional Light Options You Shouldn’t Pick

HID Metal Halide High Bay Light Fixtures are a popular choice for high bay light applications because the fixtures are powerful, long lasting, and a good temperature. But, unfortunately, HID Metal Halide fixtures take a while to warm up and have the tendency to experience significant colour shifting and lumen loss as they age.

Similarly, High-Efficiency Fluorescent High Bay Light Fixtures are known to last a long time, but these lights also have a history of flickering and have contained toxic materials, like mercury.

Manufacturers continue to address these conventional light technologies’ issues—for example, High-Efficiency Fluorescent light options do not flicker or hum like they used to, and the lights can have decent startup times. But, why bother with these conventional light options when there is a light technology that delivers the same benefits as HID Metal Halide and High-Efficiency Fluorescent without the drawbacks.

LED Meets Every Warehouse Light Requirements

When buying high bay light fixtures for warehouse locations (or any other location really), this is what people tend to look for:

  • Sufficient light brightness and coverage
  • Appropriate colour rendering
  • Long Life Span
  • Durability
  • Non-Toxicity
  • Cool in temperature

LED High Bay Light Fixtures meet every requirement for high bay light applications in warehouses. Plus, people who choose to install LEDs report energy savings up to 80% and save money on maintenance costs.

Here are a few additional benefits of choosing LED High Bay Light Fixtures:


When LEDs are turned on, they do not emit heat. This is a safety advantage, in addition to cost advantage, because facilities can save money on cooling costs. Up to 20% on utility costs can be saved with LEDs because LEDs decrease the need for air conditioning.


LED High Bay Light reflectors and Fixtures do not break easily and are virtually unbreakable.

Light Uniformity

People who pick LEDs over conventional light options report an 8% increase in light uniformity. When you turn on LEDs, you get the light you want instantaneously. There is no delay and the lights never flicker or falter. Turn LEDs on and off and on and off as many times as you want and you won’t experience problems with the light output.

Energy Efficiency

LED light fixtures use less energy to create the same lumens as conventional light fixtures. This means you spend less money on electricity when you choose LED over Metal Halide or Fluorescent.

In addition to reducing electric bills by 80%, more money can be saved when LEDs are combined with smart sensors.

Long Lasting Light

LEDs last 10 times longer than HID Metal Halide and Fluorescent lights. The average lifespan of LEDs is 50,000 hours. With High Bay Light LEDs, the need to replace bulbs is less frequent, so maintenance costs are reduced and money is saved from not having to buy new bulbs as often.


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