The Philosophy of Ayurveda

Let us get things clear- Ayurveda starts with digestion and the key is to get your food metabolism right. One of the most important things we can do at this juncture is to eat right and wisely. 

The best ayurvedic products lay emphasis on proper food. If consumed in a proper manner it can be a medicine. Consumption of foods suited to our physiology and our style would ensure that we are able to lead a balanced life. Let us now explore some of the must dos with Ayurveda

Consumption of intelligent foods

Are you aware of the fact that the food in your local supermarkets has loads of pesticides and chemicals? It leads to numerous health issues.

The key is to work at things in our control. A balanced well-nourished diet, proper diet while being hydrated helps to get rid of the impurities in the human body. Moderate levels of exercise are in our control which contributes to our overall wellbeing.

Eradicate food fads

Fad diets have emerged in the last few years with its new research inputs. To keep up what to eat and what to avoid presents a unique challenge in itself. The essence of Ayurveda is that what might work for someone would not work for you. This is a medicine depicting ancient living and not a fad.

Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits

Not only from a nutritional value increase your consumption of vegetable and fruits, but because of the fact they work out to be good natural cleaners. Consumption of vegetables does not have to be separate as you can add them to your dishes or soups. All Ayurvedic products lay stress on the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. The largest meal of the day you need to have it during the day time.

Spice wise

Spices not only add up to the flavour or aroma but therauptic value to any meal is provided. Spices pep up our digestive levels so that our body is able to absorb nutrients from foods we consume.

As per practice of Ayurveda any meal should incorporate the 6 flavours. Once you have the 6 tastes it means that the spice is present. No way would it mean that we are going to over taste each and every flavour.

Cleaning from inside out

Once digestive toxins built up in the body it can lead to improper digestion. This as per Ayurveda is the root cause of all disorders.

  • A light meal at the time of bed when the body is already in rest mode. Eat 3 hours before going to bed and do not be awake till late nights
  • Consumption of heavy meat that is hard to digest
  • Lack of hydration- when the body is not properly hydrated it makes difficult for the impurities to be removed from the body
  • Lack of poor digestion due to stress in our life

A cleansing method during every season change is to be adopted. This is recommended for proper health.

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