The Know How of Interior Designing with Scott Jay Abraham

Interior Designing

One profession that includes the expertise of both practical thinking and creativity is Interior Designing; while the designer has to keep in mind the utility factor in mind, the artistic facet to needs to be catered, to make the interior pleasing to the eyes. Scott Jay Abraham is an experienced interior designer from San Francisco who has in-depth knowledge of the multiple aspects of interior designing.

Knowing the pattern of construction that is to be designed and several different technical aspects too, need to be considered by the designer. Owing to the fact of being well acquainted with all these aspects, gaining an education in the subject and specializing in it becomes very important. Not everyone is capable of designing the interiors of any place without this knowledge. The following are the vital features of the interior designing one ought to follow while attempting to design any interior.

  1. Focus – The functional purpose of a room is one of the most basic considerations prior to designing. Every room has a particular focal point with reference to its utilitarian profile, these needs to be identified and addressed by the designer. For instance, in a dining room, the dining table is the point of focus, in a bedroom it is the bed and in a kitchen, the flower vase atop the kitchen table could be the focus.
  2. Balance – this is an extremely crucial facet of designing of interiors, irrespective of the functionality. Whether it is an office or a home, the designer must know how to strike a balance between the objects being used in the decoration process. This balance is achieved by placing objects of various sizes in a way that they appear pleasing to the eyes instead of seeming to be cluttered. The arrangement of objects, which includes pieces of furniture as well as decorative pieces, must be made after a lot deliberation and planning, and not placed haphazardly. The different kinds of balance that can be employed in the designing are: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial.

Interior Designing

  1. Proportion – the proper placement of the various colors, shapes, and textures within a particular interior is referred to as proportion in designing of interiors. It is a kind of judgment that the designer must have to discern the correctness of the arrangement of different things.  Proportion can be brought about by employing color proportion, the proportion in shape, the proportion of space, the proportion of light and textual proportion.

Scott Jay Abraham a veteran in interior designing expresses in his blog that this profession can be treated as an art and how something as the movies can influence the kind of designing done. If a designer is creative enough has an extensive understanding of how to employ the different facets of the designing process, then there is nothing that they cannot recreate within the four walls of a room.

In fact, in the present times, a lot of people prefer decorating their rooms based on a particular cultural period in history; this is made possible only by the art of interior designing.


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