Best Solo Travel Destinations

Do you that there is no place like Kutch was even existing before? Yes, it was nothing more than a mere ocean. But gradually the most unexpected geographical changes took place, and it turned into volcanic mountains, plain land and marshland at indefinite intervals. This is why now Kutch is counted as one of the best solo travel destinations.

Kutch is India’s biggest district, which is even bigger than small states like Sikkim and Haryana. This place had been the gateway of international trade by the port in the old time. Still, the history is lying here very closely as some 20 years ago, some MANREGA planners were digging somewhere in Khadir Bet and found one old preserved construction under(Dholavira-Harrapan and Indus valley civilization related old metropolitan).

The best or worst thing we can say is, Kutch has been seeing dramatic changes around due to all kind of natural calamities happening at the indefinite time period. After the earthquake, everything changed suddenly. Like one beggar became millionaire stealing things, while one millionaire became homeless. City structure, lifestyle and related everything got changed. The biggest change happened was “Industrialization”. As country’s main two ports related to export-Kandala and Mundra are in Kutch, all world’s(and of course Indian) top names in machinery, business and industry found a home on that stretch as the government had declared the area tax-Free for sudden development and renaissance of economical legs. So this mid part of Kutch is entirely different and like most developed area, while two sides-East and west are like something that can’t even be imagined by you. No rain, No water, No more public! Just mirages and ray of HOPE!

Best Solo Travel Destinations

Most of the Kutchi people are settled in Mumbai(Mainly Jains, Patels, Lohana and Brahmins). Even you can’t underestimate Kutch this way. Asia’s richest village is here even called Madhapar, which shows 2400 crore FD in Bank of Baroda only and roughly there are around 32 different kinds of banks. This is not enough as many Kutch origin Gujaratis are ruling the business world in different countries. Just think how busy and rich they are, they arrive in a personal jet for their community meet-up even. 

However, the entire Kutch is actually full of creativity. Kutch is world-famous for its handicraft, embroidery and related work. Every village has some national award winner workers in various kind of art, like crafting, weaving, natural dye printing, wood engraving, Copper coating, Iron shaping, sword and knife making and what not! Rogan, Abhla, Kataeb, Bandhani – these are the rare kind of artwork only seen there. Rabari, Ahir, Khatri and Jat – these communities are mainly related to that work. Nirona, Bhujodi, Azrakhpur are some main villages, famous for the home to rarest arts. It’s called that there wasn’t any source for Kutchi people to reach out and do usual work for their belly-therapy after repeated calamities. So sitting at home without much work, they started to invest their mind in such activities and today they are representing our country at the International level with pride. This is even become business for some other people and believe me, they are earning a LOT.

Best Solo Travel Destinations

Kutch is a destination for many kinds of people from various fields. Students of history, archaeology, disaster, rehabilitation, culture and art,  they keep visiting this place for their hunger or to find traces(Including many of you). Don’t you think that such a thing makes it best solo travel destination

Still, the best thing about Kutch is people are hopeful and living the best life they can lead. People and food are outstanding. Peace is everywhere. Kutch is almost like an amalgamation of old and real Hindustan. India and Pakistan are not far and not even distinguishable as Hindu and Muslim of this are can’t be differentiated. Art and music plus history are still present at its best. What else do you need? 

Riding solo is ready to give you some in-depth experience of Kutch and white desert! 


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