What Causes Hair Loss in Young Men

Hair fall is one of the problems that everyone is facing nowadays. Everyone is suffering from the problem of hair fall whether a man or a woman. In earlier times problem of hair fall is considered to be a normal problem in females, but when it comes to male, it becomes a matter of concern.

Now the question arises, “What Causes Hair Fall in Man”. When this question is asked generally there are numerous of things can be explained which do not actually have any logic. But when the same is examine on the scientific basis there are reasons that are responsible for hair fall.

Not only adults or old men are suffering from hair fall. But also young men are also facing the same problem. When it comes to old men age can be the reason of hair fall but What Causes Hair Loss in Young Men is something that must be known.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned that are responsible for hair fall problems in Men:

  • Pollution:

Males are also exposed to pollution. Pollution has become one of the prior reasons for hair fall. Pollution damages the scalp and breakage of hairs take place. When males are exposed to pollution for so long this will result in the dry scalp, which causes hair to fall.

  • Eating habits:

Eating habits also become the reason for hair fall problem in young men. No adequate amount of nutrition is present in the food that actually has been consumed by men every day. The nutrition which is required is so inappropriate that it leads to the problem of hair fall.

  • Chemical products:

The young generation is so advanced, that they do not want to oil their hairs. Instead, they use products like hair gel. Apart from the fact, these add shine to hairs but they are harmful as well. These damage the roots of hairs and make them weak. This will result in hair fall.

What Causes Hair Loss in Young Men

  • Use of blowers:

Blowers were considered to be good means of drying hairs when required. But it has been shown people use these on a regular basis. This is harmful to the scalp as well as for hairs. The heat produced during the activity of blower opens all the pores of the head and when one is about to comb it will result in hair fall.

  • Use of shampoos:

Use of shampoos on a regular basis destroys hairs. The chemicals that are present not only damage the hairs but also make them rough to touch. Instead of using these products, one must go for natural products available. All the shampoos contain the chemicals that form scum. This scum cleans all the dirt from the hairs and also removing hairs from your head.

These all are the reasons why the problem of hair fall is rising at a tremendous scale in males as well. To prevent hair fall one must go for under mentioned ways. Such as

  • Oiling must be done on a regular basis.
  • Avoid the use of shampoo.
  • Use natural products.
  • Avoid gels for making hairstyle.
  • Eat healthily.
  • Try to cover your head when you are outside.


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