Switch on to a connected campus with best Salesforce solutions

salesforce higher education

Students have gone digital and look for the best schools and colleges that help them stay connected with the campus at the expense of making a few clicks. The students and parents should be served in the best way for the inquiries made through multiple platforms including social media, telephone calls, messages, chats and through mobile apps. Now everything right from prospectus to virtual campus tour is provided through web and mobile applications. This increases the leads and brings inquiries from countless numbers of students from different parts of the country. With one of the best CRM solutions made with salesforce, schools and colleges can manage the inquiries and student’s data in a better way to select the best candidates.

Better view of all of the constituents

What about the idea of getting a unified and single view of interaction with students, prospectus, donors, alumni, and affiliates? If it looks good, then this is what salesforce higher education solutions assure you. The solution systematically and simply makes use of cloud technologies, and social media to connect all of the information from every point of contact. This solution makes a connected campus to get centralized control and management of everyone who makes a call or drop a message for higher education.

Better admission procedure

Technology plays a great role in adding speed to the admission process in all of the tuition-dependent institutions. The solutions made with the benefits of Salesforce platform helps the schools and colleges to create 360-degree prospect profile, deliver personalized communications, track the progress, expand the search, and to filter the better candidates in accordance with the personal, academic and assessment test reports.

salesforce higher education

Management of records

Once the admission procedures are completed, schools and colleges have to keep the records of account of each of the students. Everything related with the performance of each of the students in studies, extra-curricular activities, fees details, periodic tests reports, assignments, attendance records, and all of the other activities have to be stored for better management and understating of the students. Salesforce solutions automate most of the processes and help the educational institutions to add real speed and perfection to managing the data and rendering services.

Better support for the students

Students have to make frequent walks to the offices or to rush near the notice board to know about the important dates and activities. Salesforce solutions make the tasks really easy by sending all of the important information to the preferred devices of the students. The offices can send updated messages or emails as preferred by the students. The solution gives a 360-degree view of the students and gives reports on what works and not works for the improvement of the students. The helps the schools to give personalized attention to each of the students to increase the graduation rates.

There is no doubt that salesforce in education brings a bucketful of benefits for educational institutions in managing higher studies. Make the campus to stay connected and go smart with best salesforce solutions. Partner with one of the leading salesforce implementation companies to get innovative solutions at market best rates.


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