Some Shocking Facts About Dandruff

Medicated Shampoo for Dandruff in India

People have been suffering from many types of health-related problems through the eras. Hair or scalp problems usually can be seen the most in all age groups. There are many hair related issues that can be seen in humans these days. 

Headscratchers are very upset because of dandruff conditions as it leads to irritations, itching, pain, and blood at times. Most of the people do not know the exact information regarding dandruff and blame other circumstances. So, here are some of the surprising things that very few people know mentioned hereinafter.

  • DANDRUFF DOES NOT TAKE PLACE ON DRY SCALPS ONLY– Many people think that dandruff occurs because of the dry scalp which is undoubtedly incorrect as the problem of dry scalp and dandruff are equally prevalent but completely contrasting from each other. Whenever the scalp loses a few amounts of its natural oil and moisturizes then the condition of dry scalp starts taking place. The problem evolves into drying up the skin and after which the flakes fall off naturally. On the flip side, the problem of dandruff takes place when the number of oil increases at a very high level in the scalp by which the skin cells get clumped together Best medicated anti dandruff shampoo in India can cure both the conditions easily and in an effective manner. 
  • DANDRUFF OCCURS IN A NORMAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESS –Generally, the dead skin cells are removed in the form of flakes and replace itself into a new skin. It occurs due to the factors in which the processing becomes faster than we think, especially in the human scalp. According to some other studies, masses have evidenced that cells of scalp’s mature skin get accelerated in a week or few days. That gets out of the body as flakes of dead skin by a lot of head-scratching. Therefore, the process of shedding skin and hair is considered as an evolutionary function.

  • OIL TREATMENTS CAN MAKE DANDRUFF CONDITIONS, EVEN MORE, WORSE – Many people are recommended by online sites and old age people that oiling the hair is the perfect home remedy to cure the problem. But it is totally wrong in medical terms as it can increase it even more than before. Oils have a property of welcoming the unwanted guests because of fatty acids that are present in them. Dermatologists treat the problem by various methods and recommend the individuals to go for the usage of a product that is produced by doctors themselves which is the medicated shampoo for dandruff in India. 
  • EXACT REASONS OF DANDRUFF’S EXISTENCE ARE STILL IN SEARCH- Experts have been finding the reasons which cause dandruff as they are sure that it does not occur only because of poor hygiene conditions. It occurs because of various bacteria and unpleasant environmental circumstances that people have to face so until then, using ketokem is not a bad idea for a healthy scalp. It helps in keeping the health of the scalp in the best possible condition as far as hygiene is concerned. 

Some of the problems related to head and scalp can be easily prevented by taking proper diet and care of the hair by using organic products that have no added chemicals.

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