social media marketing strategy

It’s almost impossible to get results from Social media marketing without a proper strategy prior to project implementation. The strategy you work under should be based on the social media networks you choose for your marketing campaign. The networks should depend on your audience, the time taken and the resources required to run the campaign successfully. 

Creating a social media strategy requires you to follow certain rules and be up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques relating to online marketing. Here are five tips to create a social media marketing strategy from scratch:

  • Set a goal: Setting a goal is the first thing to keep in mind even before choosing the social media networks for promotion. Establish your objective and goals so that you can measure the level of progress and success.

Your goal should be specific and measured to meet the required return on investment. It is an understood fact that goals should be attainable, what you need to make sure is the goal is time-bound. Give priority to the following;

  • Awareness 
  • Engagement
  • Conversions

Your consumers should offer some social media sentiments, reviews and testimonials give your project a push toward the right direction. 

  • Gather data related to your audience: How well do you know your audience? It’s important to understand who your buyers really are and include it in your social media marketing strategy. You can create a customer persona for a specific category of people or for individual customers. Understanding your customers would mean having an idea about the kind of social media posts they like, the posts they prefer commenting on, the kind of posts they share, etc. 

social media marketing strategy

You potential fans and followers are real people who can become your customers if you know exactly what to sell to them and when. Do not be limited to Facebook or Twitter, there are other social media networks from where you can gather customer data to create a persona. Focus on the following factors:

  • Customer Demographics
  • Age, gender, and location
  • The amount of time active on social media

You can take help from social media analytics. You would get tons of information that could be useful. The insights and details the analytics offer would also provide you with information such as the languages your customers speak, where exactly they live and the time they use for social media on a regular basis. 

  • Study the market competition: Understand the market competition with a competitive analysis, and set targets to beat the competition. There is a lot of power in analytics. It can help you spot business opportunities you otherwise miss. 

Studying the competition helps you understand your customers and focus on the network that best caters to their requirements and yours. Along with your study of the competition, you’re dealing with you can focus on these points:

  • Go for social listening.
  • Keep an eye on the regular updates from your competitors.

There are new things you can learn when you perform a survey, and do keyword research during social media marketing. There are several tricks and tips to use the software. You can evaluate your plans and make a better goal to target.

  • Create a calendar for postings: You need to maintain a content posting calendar to keep track of the content you share on various social media channels. A posting schedule is very important, this will help you understand the level of engagement your post can bring. 
  • Divide your results from various social media channels.
  • Each channel should bring you a targeted amount of traffic.

Your marketing strategy should be based on engagement. Focus less on branding and promotion and more on engaging your visitors. 80% of your marketing work should be to share valuable information, answer queries, teach something new and deliver interesting facts. Only 20% of marketing work should be dedicated to branding and promotion.

social media marketing strategy


  • Test and evaluate your social media marketing strategy: Do not hesitate to test new strategies on newly popular social media channels, you never know which channel gives you the result you’ve been working for. Each test you conduct should conclude with a detailed evaluation of the test from start to finish. 

The best way to do a proper evaluation is by keeping a track of details. Certain social sites can get you immense traffic, and this also depends upon the niche of your business. These few tips would help you see better results in your evaluation:

  • Evaluate and re-evaluate your test results. 
  • Refine your marketing strategy as and when required.

Make the most of your social media accounts. Also, do not be too focused on following the rules of social media marketing. Sometimes thinking out of the box can do wonders. Once your strategy is ready, let your marketing team see it and examine it. There can be valuable suggestions that might be an added advantage to your strategy.


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