Role of private colleges in education

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A few decades ago, India was witnessing a growth in almost every sector. It was noticed that to bring India in line to be a superpower, education will play a vital role. People started choosing the path of education to make stable careers that would provide personal growth along with learning. Education widens the horizon and makes the intellect much more working. This changes the way of thinking in a very positive way. The rise in the number of candidates resulted in few seats available, which started building a lot of pressure on the students and so, on the govt, as many deserving students couldn’t make it to the best colleges.

To make sure that each student gets the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn, it was necessary to open new colleges and increase the number of seats. The private colleges came into existence to help the government and the students willing to unleash their true potential. The private colleges provided the same quality of the working, learning, and equipment which were provided by the government institutions. This made the students study and get their dream subjects due to an increase in the number of seats. The private colleges, these days are equipped with smart classes and imported instruments, which makes the knowledge gaining process much easy and exciting.

best MBA in Bangalore

It is said correctly that success brings arrogance. The rise of private colleges and institutions changed the course of education and the private college owner started taking education as a business. The abrupt chances of making huge money made this a business concept instead of a knowledge giving affair. This saw Huge investment in making colleges without proper facilities. The best example is of a sweet shop owner, building a private college. With, this kind of attempt, there was an increase in the number of colleges, but the level and quality of education decreased to a much lower extent. In the name of money, students got seats and learned nothing, but passed with a degree in the hand. This has degraded the already poor education system to another lower level.

The rise of private education was expected to bring a positive change, but the greed for the money made it even worse. The colleges were said to be equivalent to the vegetable market where the education is sold without providing knowledge. When we search for private MBA colleges in Bangalore, we find a long list. This could have been taken as a positive thing, had the education system been qualitative. To bring this fraud business down, which played with the careers of the youth, many steps are taken, and the fraud universities are being shut down. Private colleges like those have dented the names of actual good private colleges. The best MBA in Bangalore can be witnessed in any of the best colleges in the city that provide quality education to make the career of the youth than filling your own pockets. This will not only help India grow at a faster rate but will also provide the best education and learning experience for the students.


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