Rev Up Your Arabic: Why the Best Way to Learn Arabic May Be in Your Car

I was reminiscing the other day about one of the first jobs that I had as a fresh graduate. I was responsible for installing and maintaining the computer network hardware and software for around 250 stores in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Needless to say, it involved a lot of travel, which means it also involved a lot of sitting in traffic. 

After about three months of this, I was in the bookstore one weekend and noticed they had a discount rack full of audiobooks on cassette and the company van just happened to have a cassette player. I spent the rest of my time in traffic listening to classic stories and learning about different things like history, biographies, and how Anthony Robbins could help me help myself. 

Anyway, while I was thinking back about those days, I was sitting in traffic in a taxi in Amman. The driver was listening to some Arabic music and singing along and I actually recognized some of the words to the song. Then the idea came to me: “Why can’t we learn Arabic language skills in the car like I used to learn history in  that job I used to have traveled?” And then another thing dawned on me. By listening to that song in the taxi, recognizing some of the words and getting an idea of what the song was about, I actually was learning Arabic in the car.

So, that’s what led me this lesson today on how you can learn to speak Arabic, learn to read Arabic, and even learn Arabic listening skills while you’re behind the wheel. (Of course, learning Arabic writing while you’re driving is probably not a wise idea. Remember: Drive responsibly, focus first and foremost on the rules of the road,  and remember to always keep your hands at 10 and 2).

Now, off we go!

Why Listening to Arabic Content in the Car is a Good Way to Learn Arabic

As I hinted at above, one really fun way to learn Arabic in your car is by listening to Arabic music. Even if you’re not living in one of the Arabic speaking countries, thanks to modern technology you can download Arabic music files to your USB stick and just pop it into your car’s USB slot. You can even have music files play from your phone to your car radio using a Bluetooth device and sing along to modern Arab pop music by artists like Nancy Ajram or Tamer Honey with catchy hooks that can have you learning Arabic in no time at all through you own little version of carpool karaoke.

You’re All Alone

Driving alone in your car means you can sing as loud as you want, Even if you’re not a good singer, who’s going to know? You also won’t have anybody asking you to turn the station because you’re your own DJ Arabi or whatever you want to call yourself.

Study Arabic Online

Encourage Your Passengers 

If you’re carpooling with other passengers on the other hand, maybe you can get them to join in and learn Arabic, too. Think of this way, you can get a couple of language partners and encourage each other in learning the language.

Offline In the Car? No Problem

If you study Arabic online, you know the feeling of a lost signal. Again, thanks to modern technology, you can even download an Arabic language learning app to your phone, wirelessly connect your phone to your car radio, and listen along  – all without internet access. No lost signal means no interruptions in developing your skills.   


Perhaps the best part about learning Arabic in your car is the freedom it offers you. You can listen to what you want to learn, learn when you want, and learn at your own pace. You’re only limited by traffic jams and commute time.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Think of how much better you’ll feel knowing that you’re using all that time wisely, instead of sitting in your car, cursing the traffic, and honking your horn until traffic starts moving again. When you finally get to work or home, you’ll have the feeling that you got something done and that’s pretty rewarding in itself. Then, when you’re in a taxi in Amman, Jordan, stuck in traffic and with the driver blaring the radio at full volume, you can sing right along with him.

You don’t need your own car necessarily to learn Arabic. You can do the same thing on your smartphone on the bus, in a taxi or even walking. Yes, somebody might think you’re a little crazy for singing out loud on the bus, or maybe they’ll all sing along with you. Either way, always try to remember that learning is as challenging as it is rewarding, so always look for ways to learn that work best for you.

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