pregnancy test
pregnancy test

Pregnancy is the most joyous news for a woman and for her entire family too and to know that if you are pregnant or not you longer have to venture to the doctor’s clinic but it can be done by pregnancy strips. However, these strips can sometimes give you the first response pregnancy test wrong.

So many women have performed a pregnancy test and that is to make sure if they are pregnant or not, but the scenario is, these tests can be wrong and you might be or not be pregnant at the same time. Although the advertisements say that they give you 99% of the correct result but in a recent study has found out that these are only 57% to 97% accurate and that is on the first day of your missed period. Here we have covered the important facts about the same.

False negative test result

While if you are really hoping to conceive this time and you take a test, and it comes all negative, you must not lose hope, until you check the scenario with your doctor. The reason for this false negative is because you have a small amount of HCG in your urine and this is made by the placenta itself. So the pregnancy cannot be detected if the fertilized eggs do not attach themselves with the uterus, and it takes, six to twelve days after you had the ovulation. If you are taking the test just after the conception then it will be too early to detect the amount and rise of HCG.

How to Deal With It

You might have a question like, can the first response be wrong and for that, you need to wait for a week and then take a retest, and you need to take at least 14 days from the days of your activity and it will give you an accurate result. You can always understand the problem when you will start to have an irregular menstrual cycle and you actually forgot the last date you had your period. There is also a chance of having too much HCG in the urine and then it can be an issue to detect pregnancy as well.

pregnancy test

False positive result

If you get a positive result and you are not even ready to have a child then it will surely be a huge problem for you, but even in this case, you must not take the stress and know there is something that is going wrong because this can happen for,

  • You might have performed the test inappropriately or the strip has expired.
  • The HCG source can come from other places too, like a previous miscarriage, from infertility treatment. The source of same can come from the pituitary gland, a tumor or a molar pregnancy too.

The thing you should do:

You need to repeat the test in one week and you can always get an appointment with your doctor and be sure of the pregnancy. Also, remember certain medication never causes false positive results and you can always use them for your health.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and it will be clear to you the things you should do for both cases, and for any issue, you must always contact your health care provider.


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