Medicated Shampoos

For naturally curly haired women suffering from conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and that of seborrheic dermatitis, finding effective treatments could turn out to be tricky. Medicated shampoos that possess proper ingredients are good, over-the-counter solutions that can help lift flakes, and calm irritation. 

You can find out good Medicated shampoo India that is specifically for your hair issues. You can come across different types of options in shampoos. You can pick a shampoo that is good, effective and most importantly safe for your hair care. You cannot simply use any shampoo on your hair or scalp. well, if you are doubtful about how to effectively use medicated shampoos then keep on reading till the end and you would bag some way outs.

Coat hair and not the scalp 

If you think that your hair is getting on your nerves then make sure that you coat the hair and not the scalp. You can make sure that your hair stays clean, hygienic and effective once you apply the right hair care products in the right manner. Everything that you are applying on your hair, need not reach out to your scalp. Sometimes it is better if you apply the shampoo on your hair only and not the scalp. 

Detangle hair well before using shampoo

Do not, by any means use medicated shampoo to your hair before untangling it. it does not matter to what extent you detangle your hair in your regimen when making use of medicated shampoo, your hair has to be detangled as much as possible prior to. Medicated shampoos are not really concerned with slip, and as an outcome, your hair is going to tangle and mat like nothing you have ever seen – unless you untangle first. 

Oil scalp generously prior to washing

You know what no matter you have curly hair or straight, you should oil up your hair beautifully and extensively before you wash them.  You need to apply oil in a generous manner to ensure that your hair is oiled properly and effectively. It would be good if you oil up your hair before you go to sleep and wash them in the morning. The more your hair sinks in the oil, the better it would be for them.

Dilute Shampoo

It would be good if you dilute shampoo with some drops of water. It would give your hair a better touch up. All the inches of your hair and scalp would get touched by the shampoos. In this way, you would make sure that your hair and scalp are properly coated with shampoo.  What is the point if you are putting a few drops of shampoo in your hand and applying it but it is just getting applied to a few areas of your hair and scalp? It would be really disappointing right? If you dilute the shampoo in some amount of water, it would be in more quantity and hence better coating of your hair and scalp.


Thus, even if you are using Medicated Shampoo in India make sure that you keep these things in mind. Properly applied shampoos always get you better outcomes.


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