Malik Riaz puts through 10 ambulances as donation to Edhi Foundation

Chairman of the Bahria Town

The Founder and Chairman of the Bahria Town, Malik Riaz, donated 10 ambulances to the Edhi Foundation during a TV show on Tuesday. Moreover, the show did have Faisal Edhi as the guest, who is the son of legendary social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi. This has been done as per the gesture after it has been quoted in the show that the donations to the organizations have decreased ever after the demise of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Faisal Edhi said that even though the organizations have been through rough times all the way, they have never given up on the dream of Abdul Sattar Edhi whilst always looking forward to helping people without asking their religion, caste creed or anything else

Edhi built his own orphanages, old age homes, schools, hospitals, and ambulance service to help people and further arranged coffins for dead bodies which were been left unattended by everyone.

Faisal Edhi also stated that they were always looking to build a school for volunteers so as they can also take care of the people in the same manner. That was the reason why constant efforts were been made in order to improve things, arrangements and facilities at the Edhi Foundation.

Faisal Edhi also said they were always doing their best in order to convince people about all their donations and contributions received. he further requested people to remember them whilst making their donations and he is ready to go and beg on roads if required.


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