Fluid Reasoning

We all get into a new environment every now and then. Remember the first day of your school or college or a job?

Life changes altogether when a new situation comes upfront. For example, you have always been working in your lawn as a gardener and you are very well versed with all the aspects of gardening but your life has turned like that and you have joined as the manager in a tea plantation estate. How will your life change then? Will you be able to use your gardening skills in tea plantation? Not although completely. This is where you will be required to showcase your fluid reasoning skills.

Fluid reasoning refers to the ability to apply logic and reasoning to a given situation. This ability is independent of any past experiences or learning. It is a totally new and creative solution for the given set of problems at hand. You can use the ability of fluid reasoning to solve bigger problems at corporate or day to day problems in your daily lives. Mostly it is used in solving daily life matters in creative ways.

People use the skill of fluid reasoning in those circumstances when they cannot rely on their previous knowledge or experiences. Again we make you understand by example. You are not good at painting or drawing skills. Your child comes home and asks for your help in his or her school modeling project that requires a lot of colorwork. Here you will need to start from scratch and will have to use a creative edge solution to make a working model for your child. The skill and the intelligence that you will use here are called fluid reasoning.

  • Does fluid reasoning help in the development of children?

Yes, it plays a crucial role in helping the children develop the power of their mind and thinking abilities. Children are more experimental with nature and thus they have immense potential to learn new things and thus create their own experiences and learning from the environmental factors. They keep on surprising us with their new skills and developmental attributes which are a crucial part of inculcating the fluid reasoning abilities in our children.

If we incline them towards finding creative solutions to their problems from the beginning itself, they will develop an attitude of “never-say-die”. They will always strive to bring a better output of themselves and thus create a better quality of life. Their observation skills will improve along with logical and analytical abilities. For example, make them play with patterns or abacus training modules, they will not only enjoy learning through these games but also become more inclined towards developing a problem-solving attitude.

  • How to develop fluid reasoning abilities in adults?

You need to try things in a different way to learn the power of fluid reasoning. One must know that the ability called fluid reasoning is gained mainly through practice and if we stop doing it, it can decline over the period of time. Practice the following skills to improve your ability of fluid reasoning:

  • Take interest in anything new that comes your way- such as a new concept of science and seek its explanation
  • Join a new hobby class and try to master it gradually
  • Learn a new language
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and seek their viewpoints about various concepts of life especially those that matter to you.


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