Is It Possible To Heal the Torn ACL Without The Surgery?

Well, before we proceed for the treatment, let us know What is ACL and What is the Function of ACL?

ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most important and the toughest ligament present in the knee joint. The function of this ligament is to maintain stability in the joint by avoiding the sideward bend of the joint during rigorous physical activities. In short, it protects your knee joint. 

Now, the concern for many is that if it is possible to restore the joint without the surgery if it breaks down due to any of the reasons?

Well, as per the orthopaedic specialists, the process of ACL Reconstruction in India; highly depends on:

  • The degree of the damage of the ligament
  • Cause of the wear and tear in the ligament
  • Age of the patient
  • Age of the injury
  • Signs and symptoms of the disorder.

More About Surgical and Non-Surgical Healing of The ACL Damage:

There is no denying the fact that it is possible to recover from ACL damage without the surgery. At the same time, the truth is the recovery without surgery is not possible in all medical conditions.

ACL Reconstruction

There are various rehabilitation centres that provide a cure for ACL without the operation. 

However, the first step of the patient shall be to visit the doctor and accomplish the diagnosis process for the analysis of the condition. Even the doctors would recommend you to go to physiotherapy or the rehab centre if the surgery is not required. No one performs the surgery unless it is the only option for healing.

On the contrary, if you directly visit the rehab centre with a higher degree of damage without understanding the severity of the condition, you might end up wasting your time, money, energy and hopes. The minimum time recommended for the healing if ACL without surgery by rehabilitation centres is of six months. Now, you might spend all six months, do all the non-surgical trials for the cure, at the end all you get is a disappointment. 

Also, there are chances that you get to witness the more severe damage to your condition. Sometimes it gets difficult to treat the damage even with the surgery due to the delay. 

In such a condition, it is suggested that even if you approach the non-operative treatment procedures, periodic diagnosis of your condition is a must. If you do not undergo the tests, you will never get the insights of the medical condition. If there will be progress in your condition, your reports will declare. If there is no change in your condition, one should stop wasting time and opt for the operation.

Final Words:

If you opt for the healing without surgery due to the cost of the treatment, then the ACL Ligament Surgery Cost in India is minimum and highly affordable. Making delay in availing the right treatment can never reduce the price of the cure, but is always an add-on to it. 

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