Indian restaurant menu

A small, warm place called Dosa Factory for Indian food lovers offers its delectable dishes every day to an appreciative crowd. We keep Indian favorites here, serve it promptly when you appear, and help you get into that nostalgic “back home” mood. Dosa, Poori, Chapati, Naan, and Uttapam – the most delicious tiffin items for an Indian! Find it here and eat to your fill.

A Huge Spread of Indian Delicacies

One is blessed if one has good food and this where we step in. You have the best Indian takeaway Cambridge has in this neighborhood. And, you know where to come if your hunger pangs pull you towards Indian delicacies. Our idli sambhar is as much an enticement as our mulligatawny soup. We have as many vegetable items on our menu as non-vegetarian so you can balance your meal well. Light up your life the right way with our delectable offerings of Keema Mutter and Rogan Josh. You get lamb whole pieces or minced and cooked.

Eat Well at the Dosa Factory

It is time to bring a smile back to your face because a happy customer eats well. No, seriously, it helps the digestion and that is always good. It also helps that we have a wide variety of dishes we’d like you to try. Do keep your eyes peeled for the Bread Basket containing all varieties of Naan – plain, stuffed, and garlic. Those carbohydrates keep your energy levels up longer.

Indian restaurant menu

Luscious Vegetarian Fare

Pick delicious items from our Indian restaurant menu and satisfy your palate. We definitely like to see you enjoy the Naan and Chapati with Paneer Vindaloo or Aloo Gobhi. It is traditional, prepared with great care to maintain the tantalizing freshness of cottage cheese and bring out the deliciousness of buttered potatoes and cauliflowers. Take some time to check out our huge variety of dosas – masala dosa, masala ghee dosa, chicken tikka dosa, bhindi masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa, masala egg dosa, and more. Top it with sambhar and chutney with your vada.

Delicious Non-Vegetarian Dishes

If there is something Indian here and you recognize it, it is you. Our effort is to keep everything “home-like” and so it will help if we find you are enjoying your outing to the Dosa Factory. You find our commitment to variety and Indian spiciness in our selection of fish and meat dishes. We have something to satisfy everyone’s taste. Curry leaf garlic shrimp and Swordfish Masala are our top picks in the fish section. Bell pepper and cilantro scented dry fried Shanghai Chicken and Chicken Korma cooked with exotic spices, cashews, and herbs are our favorites in the chicken category. You feel the warmth of our heart in the care we put into preparing those toothsome dishes for you. Our food is fresh and juicy, service is prompt, and the ambiance is delightful.

If we grow, we grow with you. It is our interdependence that makes our bond so strong. Come find your favorite food items any time of the day, any time of the year here at Cambridge. The work of our hands is at your disposal always.


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