class 8 maths previous year question paper CBSE

Many of the parents these days are too tensed about how to manage the stress level of their kids. Certainly, there are so many expectations of teachers and parents and in the middle of your entire child get crushed. If there is a cohesive, professional and good schedule of studying; your child would hardly feel pressurised.

Once your child has proper material like Study material for class 8 CBSE maths, professional tutors to guide and worksheets to practice; the tension would certainly decrease.  When you read a material that is productive but easy to understand, you feel engaged and involved in the concept. Hence, you end up preparing in the most effective manner. Anyhow, the following are a few more things that you can do to ensure that your child stays less stressed during exam time and overall studies.

Don’t ask him repeatedly

If you are in a habit of asking your child every now and then about his studies and all, then you need to stop pit right away. Such a thing would only make the child more tensed and worried. It would be really stressing for him because the more you ask the more conscious and pressurised the child feels. What you can do is whenever your child sits with you make sure that you don’t talk about studies. You can just ask him about the random things and engage him in light talks. In this way, your child would feel relaxed and such a thing would help him in eliminating the stress. You know what school and society are already enough to put pressure on your child so you would not have to add up to it.

class 8 maths previous year question paper CBSE

Tell him not to go after every material

You know what there are many students who are bright and really good at studies but they fail to prepare in a good manner because of their overindulgence in so many books and so on. Such a thing ends up in ruining their preparation.  It would be good if your child studies only one book or material and follows it properly. Now, if your child has a good material and proper worksheets to solve for preparation, he would not wander here and there for random stuff. So, try to as your child if he has good material with him and if not then don’t hesitate to help.

Enrol in a class

If you feel that the environment at home is not too friendly and is always tensed because of different things then make sure that you enrol your child in a class. No matter online or offline learning program; once your child interacts with the professional tutors, he would stay focussed in the studies and stress is going to eliminate for sure.  in learning programs tutors even make the student solve papers like class 8 maths previous year question paper CBSE so as to help them become stronger in his concepts.


Thus, since you know what you should do and what not; make sure you implement them for relaxing your child.


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