How to Find Right Keywords for SEO Campaign?

Even someone who is a novice in the field of digital marketing is likely to have heard of SEO being referenced at some point or another. If Google has had an impact on everyone’s lives, it is because of the power of its search algorithm and the ability of SEO to suggest relevant results after a web search.

The success of SEO on a technical and user experience level has forced many in the digital marketing space to adopt it as a key marketing technique. Brands irrespective of their size and industry have to adopt SEO in order to increase their visibility on highly-trafficked search engines. 

Keywords play a key role in ensuring the success of an SEO campaign. A brand can target the specific segment of the audience it is trying to reach by identifying the right keywords. From a top education website to a digital marketing institute, the attention to SEO is common across the board. 

In this article, we will discuss how the right keywords can be identified for an SEO campaign. 

Know Your Website and Know Your Niche

The first step in establishing a long-term keyword research plan is answering two questions –

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where do you belong?

The first question is important as it answers a fundamental question about what a company represents. What new perspective are you bringing as a company or website to the digital space? The answer to this gives marketers a grounded perspective of their own position as a company.

What is Digital Media

The second question seeks to answer the exact niche a company belongs to. For example, to some Google might seem like a search engine company, to others it may seem like an entire ecosystem. However, Google primarily is an advertising company as a bulk of its resources come from advertisers. Thus another view of looking at Google is as an advertising company. These multiple perspectives can help a company truly identifying the niche it belongs to. 

Identify Seed Keywords and Create Long Tail Keyword List

Seed keywords refer to the absolute foundational topic of your website. If you’re selling shoes online through your website, your seed keyword could be ‘buy shoes’ or ‘buy shoes online’.

Seed keywords alone are difficult to rank as they are too broad and have a lot of competition. When an appropriate keyword is added to the seed, a long tail keyword is created that can be targeted effectively. For example, if you want to target shoe shoppers in Noida, you’re ideal keyword is created as follow –

Ideal Keyword = Seed Keyword + Modifier = Buy shoes + in Noida = Buy Shoes in Noida

Identify LSI for Long Tail Keywords

Each long tail keyword on which content is created has a number of related keywords too that have to be taken into account. These related keywords are typically referred to as LSI. 

LSI keywords are very important and add context to the content. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three key keyword analysis tips to take into account in an SEO campaign.  

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