How can Corner Glass Shelves Make Retails & Outlets More Functional?

glass shelves

Glass shelves are slowly taking over from other traditional shelving techniques such as metals or woods due to their pleasing appearance, pocket-friendliness, durability, and elegance among others. Floating shelves blend in incredibly well with another décor which can be so advantageous for those who love to showcase their special collections. Despite their fragility, glass shelving has the ability to support moderately heavy items provided strong braces are used for support when installing them. Interestingly; you can also paint your favorite color over their support braces to compliment your home or office walls thus making them less noticeable. Most glass enthusiasts have a special thing for floating shelving in their workspaces and homes thanks to their ambiance and impressive storage capability.

With the introduction of the latest glass shelving innovation known as tempered glasses, becoming more popular every day, you can now get rid of your wooden cabinets and manage to keep your heavy electronics such as television among others without worrying about occupying loads of space. Tempered glasses are particularly reputable for being more durable and unbreakable which is a turn on for many glass lovers. In addition, glass shelves come in various excellent and attractive designs making them more charming for those looking to make a bold statement in their homes and workplaces. Common types of floating shelves include;

  • Geometric Corner Shelves,
  • Franklin Shelf,
  • Set of Two Corner Radial Shelves
  • Standing Ladder Corner Shelf
  • Mid-Century Vintage Book Display Cabinet,
  • Floating L-Shape Corner Shelf,
  • Glass Corner Shelf
  • Rectangle Floating Glass Shelf
  • Triangle and Quarter Circle Floating Glass Shelf
  • Customized Glass Shelving

Why Choose Glass Shelving?

Although there is a concept that glass shelving is not an excellent option for wooden shelving, this shelving system has so much to offer to your residential place, commercial settings or offices. Common residential applications for glass shelving include open shelving in kitchens, bathroom shelves for toiletry items, living room shelves for displaying fragile knick-knacks, collectibles, and art. On the other hand; those in offices or any commercial settings can use floating shelves in bookcases, for products display, or even showcase trophies and awards among many other things.

9 Benefits And Functionality Of Glass Shelving Include;  

  • Elegant and unique Interior

Homeowners or entrepreneurs aiming to make a splendid impression with their shelving systems have a lot to gain from floating shelving. Adding customized Corner glass shelves in your home or workplace will definitely make your space classier due to their shiny finishes, smooth edges and unnoticeable nature. All these produce an elegant yet sophisticated look to your interior design. With the help of a reputable professional, you can effectively create a unique interior design while maintaining functionality. Furthermore, their transparent design is advantageous since it ensures that your priceless collectibles or valuables are not overshadowed by your shelving system.

glass shelves

  • Neatness and better organization

Another beautiful thing about glass shelving is that they make your commercial setting or home even neater. The fact that they are easily cleanable unlike the case with steel and wooden shelves makes them ideal for any office space. Nevertheless, the right tools have to be used to get the best out of glass shelving. Neatness is a necessity in a modernized space for a healthy working environment.  Besides neatness, glass wall shelves make it possible to organize your collectibles, electronics, decorations, and art in a better manner. With better organization, extracting whatever you need from the shelves becomes easy and less complicated. All you have to do is organize them in an orderly manner for your own convenience. For effectiveness, it is imperative to ensure that your shelving glass is hardened enough to withstand any pressure before installation.

  • Low Maintenance and durable

The last thing you want is to have a shelving system that requires high maintenance to maintain functionality. Glass shelving is probably the best shelving system for your home or workplace. Nowadays, modern buildings are not considered as complete without glass shelving. With the introduction of tempered glass shelves which are quite durable, secure and more resilient, you can confidently invest in glass shelving without fear of risking. These shelves are by and large made from toughened glass which is strengthened by various chemical and thermal treatments. Besides their durability, they are also easy to clean without worrying about damaging them.

  • Easy to Customize

Floating glass shelves can be customized to offer an ornamental functionality such as holding certain electronics such as television, music system and telephones. Apart from that, customized tempered glass shelving can be used creatively for a further functional purpose including holding books. For uniqueness and full functionality, ensure that your wall glass shelves have the right measurements and are installed professionally.

  • Magnificent Ambient When Lit Up

Are you tired of your traditional wooden shelves? Don’t worry. Floating glass shelves are just what you need to modernize your space. Those looking to maximize their limited office or residential space should consider splurging on tempered glass shelves that come with LED lights. There’s no better way of giving your workplace or small home a new look than through innovativeness and creativity. Installing floating glass shelves can be the best decision ever. Their magnificent ambient when lit up will be an awesome way of making an eye-catching impression to all your visitors through your unique shelving system. Remember; corners are usually dark under normal circumstances. Adding a shelving system that enables light through is a great way of lighting up those corners. Generally; glass shelving provides unique lighting effects that are mesmerizing and inspiring while serving its purpose.

  • Occupies less space and gives it a modernized look

Is your commercial setting or home small? Well, floating glass shelves are the best shelving system for you. There’s no point of stressing yourself with wooden or metallic shelves that occupy all the space when you can just give your workplace or residential place more contemporary look with unique glassing shelves. They not only need less space but fit excellently into any corner. In addition, they offer an extraordinary storage option and display functionality in all aspects. Talk of utilizing your small space perfectly while adding an aesthetic appeal to your home or office.

  • Offers Versatility, convenience, and efficiency

Have you ever wanted a shelving system that offers versatility and functionality at the same time? Well, tempered glass shelves are the most versatile shelving systems in our modern world. These shelves come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and shapes. After installing customized glass shelves in your home or workplace, you’ll never have to worry about cluttering your space. In other words; corner wall glass shelving combines both efficiency and convenience effortlessly. Additionally, you have the option of choosing the quality of your glass shelving depending on your budget.

  • Great for Decorating

Floating glass wall shelves are an incredible option for decorating your space. Their creative design elements will solve your problem without losing their functionality. Floating designs provide a storage solution for displaying your trophies, stoneware collection, sculptures, photos, or other special decorations while serving their own decorative purpose.

  • Safety

Floating glass shelves can always be positioned out of children’s reach for safety reasons. You obviously don’t want to spend on something unique and have it destroyed by your little loved ones. Just ensure that your toughened and strengthened tempered glass is high enough to be easily cleaned and accessed.


Glass shelving comes with so many benefits including added elegance, coziness and uniqueness provided it’s installed by a professional.


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