Get a High Quality Mobile Lighting Tower in India

mobile lighting tower in India

OVN’s mobile lighting tower generator is the right dealings of solutions for any event or major projects. They are very reliable and sturdy, their mobile lighting tower in India provide the most effective illumination solution with their powerful presence. The main advantage of their mobile light tower generator is that they can be used to stand alone with their own generator offeror will be connected to an external offer as needed. Further, with an extendable height and rotation capability, their mobile lighting tower in India provides the best flexibility in application. They are conjointly capable of operating faithfully in windy conditions.

Compact in presence, however corrosion resistant in engineered and manufacture, the mobile light tower generator are tested and put in by a knowledgeable team with the best level of expertise and familiarity. Further, they stock a prepared inventory of all associated instrumentality and provide dependable generator rental, electrical device, and distribution panels additionally, to complete the package. They tend to, therefore, provide a particularly versatile and efficient answer, even for the foremost stringent of your desires.

OVN has designed its light-weight towers for construction and mining applications in countries like Asian country, Nigeria, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA, etc. These light-weight mobile light tower generator use extremely economical Yanmar Engines from Japan. These Engines have nice fuel potency, dependableness, and long service intervals, particularly helpful at remote sites. This tower conjointly comes with an intelligent controller to assist its operators with issues.

The mobile lighting tower in India facilitates its customers by increasing their potency and employee safety at the sites. They will be simply towed anyplace and are created to resist the harshest conditions at your sites. The light-weight towers even have an electrical purpose to connect another light tower or for fastening, etc. It will rotate 360 degrees and therefore the four lights will be switched on and off.

mobile lighting tower in India

Some Applications of the mobile light tower generator are Building Construction, Mining, Emergency applications, cement plants, railway Construction. OVN is a foremost service organization and that they tend to certify we pay attention to the merchandise we sell throughout its life. OVN is additionally a licensed service and components supplier of Yanmar Engines.

OVN leads the trade in innovative light-weight tower solutions. Their vertical mast and compact light-weight towers have revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Simple to set up, operate and maintain, their mobile lighting tower in India give most power in an exceedingly marginal footprint. With extended run times and repair intervals, LED safety options, innovative engine technologies, and programmable controls, their merchandise is often trusty to maximize time period and return on your investment. Durability, reliability and easy use, place your trust within the largest mobile light tower generator manufacturer within the world. OVN’s mobile light tower generators are designed in an exceedingly manner that makes them sturdy furthermore as energy economical. They tend to create use of internationally acclaimed suppliers and so emit intense White light-weight, light-weight color Temperature quite 7000° K. They incorporate metallic element reflectors that guarantee reduced glare, higher performance and reduced needed power.


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