food on train

Is it lunchtime and you are not carrying any food with you on the train? Are your traveling your parents and kids? Are you looking for food that is safe for them to eat and not at all fall sick?  If all the answers yes, then the online food delivery options in the train is the best option to avail by you. Book a meal and dishes according to your family members’ preferences and enjoy your journey.

No outside food even when you are out and traveling on a train. No unhygienic process to make food even when you are eating restaurant food. And that is only possible when you will book a meal from the online catering services associated with the Indian railways.   The food delivery apps are associated with all the nearby restaurants that have specialized in taking food order and delivering healthy meals. Family pack meals, Jain family pack meals, south Indian meals, veg thali, non-veg thali, Chinese platter, Italian platter are few of the maximum sold meals ordered from a train, irrespective of the routes.

Apart from these, there is other food on train options available like mini thali, deluxe thali, Maharaja thali, and standard Thali- appropriate for a family or group of two or three members.

food on train

Now coming to the key features of the food that is delivered to the passengers of the train while they are traveling-

  • Every meal that is served to the passengers in the train is wholesome and freshly made
  • Quality and quantity are always balanced so that every taste budgets the right amount of nutrition
  • Quantity is always kept ideal for one person to finish at once
  • Lightweight, warm and tasty foods are served by the online catering services

If you have kids and elders with you while traveling on a train, the family thali is ideal to order. It is because both the age group eat less and in a thali, there are wholesome food preparations to feed one and a half person. So thalis are pocket-friendly as well, and the quantity makes sure that the person eating the food consumes calories, and carbohydrates to the right amount while also making the taste buds happy.

So what are there in the basic veg- thali?

Veg- thali served by the railways’ e-catering services comprises the right amount of calories and nutrition. The traditional Indian veg thali, therefore, has dishes like roti/ rice, dal, sabzi, raita/ curd, salad, and papad. Often a chutney, and sweet dish is also included to serve your sweet tooth. This is because traveling via train can be hectic and a balanced and light meal will help stay comfortable.

How to place an order?

Want to book a meal for your family? Just enter your PNR number and details like your name and phone number. Enter the station name you want your food to be served at. Book your choice of food and the number of meals and confirm an order. You can pay online or pay with cash once you receive your order. Your order will be served at your seat/ berth as soon as the train enters the platform.

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