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Indian railway services

Himachal Pradesh is said to be the most picture perfect state of India with some quaint villages, snow-covered mountains, hill stations, and some lush green valleys. If one is thinking of visiting this beautiful state sometime soon, then they need to know what are the must-visit destinations here.


This place lies on the banks of Parvati River and this place is also termed as the ‘little Israel of India’. This particular place is very serene and the snow-capped mountains along with some stunning landscape, lush valleys, and waterfalls. One can also indulge in the trekking routes present here because these routes are a revelation for the nature lovers. One can go for budget-friendly staying options here and explore the hill cafes as well. One should also pay a visit to nearby places like Chalal and Tosh because they are also equally serene.


Popularly known as the queen of hills this place is a gorgeous hill station and it is a perfect place as a holiday destination. This place has some colonial architecture like the Town Hall, Christ Church, and the Gaiety Theatre. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas one can get to see some snow covered mountains from here. If one is visiting in winter then they can definitely experience some snowfall.


This is a very small colonial town which has much less population but this place has its own appeal when it comes to beauty. The peaceful vibe around here makes this place perfect if one wants a quiet holiday. The places that one can visit here are the Kasauli Brewery, Baptist Church, Nahri Temple, Monkey Point and many more.

Indian railway services


This place is located at the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley and this place is also famous for its lovely climate. This place is absolutely surrounded with snow-laden peaks of Dhauladhar mountains with full of pine forests and lush greens around. One can get to see a lot of quaint cafes and restaurants here as well. One can also pay a visit to the Mcleod Ganj which is also known as the mini Tibet of India. Apart from that, the other places to visit here are Ramnagar, Naddi, Dharamkot, and Sindhbari.

Spiti Valley

This place is located at an altitude of 3810 meters and it is one of the remote villages in India. This place is fairly isolated and thus it is perfect for the adventurous and the spiritual travelers. One can also get to see a lot of Buddhist monasteries there and one can also get to do some thrilling activities here as well.

People can easily reach these places with the help of Indian railway services. One can book train tickets online these days and travel anywhere in India. There are also railway restaurants available from where one can pack meals and snacks before boarding a train to enjoy some delicious food. For online booking of food, one can also take the help of the catering services that are provided.


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