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We know that most of our life revolves around gadgets and computers to establish various kinds of jobs. We have all our data and important information stored on the computer. But are we ready to handle a cyber attack if any is the big question that makes it’s a way through in my mind?  The study results issued by the University of Maryland had concluded that there is a hacking taking place every 38 seconds. People like Norton tech support number UK also act as a source of protection for tech-related issues.

So getting your safety shields all set to meet any sudden attack is important. Be it virus or hacking, you can tackle any of them with a few simple tricks. I have briefly explained the measures which you can take up to have your PC protected;

Update your browser

The web browser has a key role to be played when it comes online security. Having the newest version will always keep you on the safe side. Most of the hacking takes place through this. A web browser once hacked might act as a portal for hackers. They can see everything you type your passwords and other sensitive information. However, a lot of computers have themselves updated automatically. If not do it manually as soon as possible.

Activate Windows firewall

Windows firewall is like a bodyguard that prohibits or protects you from unwanted sites. This happens to be really helpful as it minimizes the chances of your computer being corrupted. A lot of computers have it has default settings. If not you can check it yourself whether your PC has a firewall activated. From the start search for firewall settings and choose firewall status. Ensure that it is activated. You can also use the service of people like Norton tech support number UK.

tech support number UK

Make sure that you encrypt and backup your files

Despite the threats that hit your PC internally, you should also protect your sensitive information and PC from external hazards. Keep all your files in an encrypted and backed up status. Also, have a strong password. In this way, you can secure your data even if your computer happens to get hacked. At the same time, you will not have to worry if you spill your coffee over your PC. As you can revive the data instantly.

Use unique passwords

Most of us end up having a password that is connected to our email or phone no or any of personal details. This makes things easy for hackers and making us the losers in the long run. A different, as well as the unique password, will help you in protecting your accounts and data. There are people who are so lame to set passwords like 1234, etc. So don’t be one among them. You can also use password managers if needed.

Be careful

Though your email has a lot of filters that restrict the entry of unwanted files. Sometimes one or two escapes. So be mindful when you are about to have access to a completely unknown file.

Even though these steps might not save your computer they might protect your data and minimize the casualties. Our entire life is connected to the internet and computer some way or the other. So maintaining safety online is moreover a mandatory.


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