With the increase in the number of competitive exams it is important to know which one will benefit you in the long run. The GRE or the SAT is well known among the students. If a student is preparing for GRE and has already taken the SAT then the student may find that these two exams are somehow different from each other and in some case may be alike too. Be it the GRE or the SAT both these exams will contain separate concentrations on reading, writing, and math. But does this mean the GRE harder than the SAT?

Below are the 13 key differences between the GRE and the  SAT. There are a few similarities too. The SAT test registration or the GRE test registration needs to be done months before the exam as these two are the most famous standardized tests. When GRE is compared with the SAT we will see how difficult the GRE and SAT really is and also whether your SAT scores affect your GRE scores or not.

  • The main difference between the GRE test and the SAT test is their purpose. GRE test is used mainly for graduate admissions while on the other hand SAT is used for undergraduate admissions. The high school juniors prefer taking the SAT and the grad students take the GRE to pursue master’s degree or doctorate. The most common standardized test is the GRE which is required for grad school admissions. Taking the GRE depends on the program you are applying for.
  • Since the GRE test is a computer based online exam you don’t have to worry about sharpening too many pencils. But on the other hand the SAT test is a pen and paper based exam and there might be consequences. The SAT test may also become an online based exam in the near future but it is not decided yet.
  • You have to start saving your bucks since you have to pay more for the GRE than you did during your SAT. GRE test is expensive than the SAT test.
  • The computer based GRE test can be given all year round at a number of test centres all around the world and that makes it a very convenient and ubiquitous test. That is the reason why you can retake the GRE often almost on every 21 days and up to 5 times continuously in a 365 day period. The SAT being the paper based exam is not as flexible as the GRE and thus it can be administered only 7 times a year and once a month starting from October to December and in the month of march, may, june and august.
  • Both the GRE as well as the SAT test the same topics of reading, math and writing, but their individual sections differ greatly from each other. The GRE has four section- analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and unscored experimental or research section. The SAT has five sections- reading, writing and language, math with and without calculator and the essay.


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