style Braided Hairstyles
style Braided Hairstyles

Opting for the braided hairstyles is the best way to take a break from hairstyling for some months and also allow your hair some time to rest and safeguard it from severe environmental conditions. In addition, with the best-braided hairdos we are going to show you here, you will become the centre of attraction and people will admire you with genuine smiles.

Braided hairstyles allow you to be creative. There is a myriad of fantastic braiding techniques to make each head stand out. Besides, you can try different highlights, curly texture, shapes, and patterns. Check out these amazing ideas for styling braided haircuts and get inspired. Read more here.

  • Criss-Cross Goddess Braids.

These beautiful braids are also called goddess braids. They are ideal for the days when you want your hair to relax, or when you are planning to go for a beach holiday, and you would not like to be styling your locks every morning. The best thing about these goddess hairstyles is that they are easy to style and also to maintain.

  • Side-Swept Cornrows.

Braided hairstyles as so common amongst African American since they protect the manes. Once the locks are braided, it is protected from heat and also constant styling for some days. Besides, the style is fun, and there are numerous designs you can choose to express your personality.

  • Asymmetrical Goddess Braids.

To achieve this look, use different sizes of plaits and braid hairstyle to come up with more texture and dimension. Bringing together chunky and fine braids is dramatic and fun. It also appears fantastic compared to the normal plaits. The special parts maintain the hairstyle fresh and fun. You can also include gold cuffs and some beautiful beads for finish and personalisation.

  • Feed-In Braids.

One main advantage of the feed-in braid method is that it gives the cornrow hairstyles a more natural look and a less bulky appearance by creating a narrow and sleek section at the hairline. This also contributes to minimal tension and protects the hair cornrow edges. This styling method is easy to master, and you can also try it.

  • Braided Ponytail.

As beautiful as braided hairstyles can be when creating a protective hairstyle, sometimes when braiding your hair, the hair can get heavy if using individual plaits. Therefore, this cornrow ponytail is an excellent option for an informal updo that will not stretch your edges.

  • Curly Mohawk And Twisted Sides.

Rather than choosing to shave the sides for a mohawk look, you can experiment with various braid styles. In this way, you get to maintain your hair length and still be able to reveal the edgy side of your braided hairstyle. To give your curls a livelier look in the morning, go to bed the previous night while the ends of your strands twisted into two. When you untwist them when you wake up in the morning, you will have a genuinely luscious mane.

  • Box Braids with Braided Mohawk.

This braided hairstyle shows it is possible to create a mohawk with cornrows. The cornrows are braided at the top to create a pompadour. The remaining cornrows are left to hang freely.


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