Black Rings: Types and What They Stand For?

Since ages, the color black has been associated with something negative, dark, and empty. For this reason, it’s even considered inauspicious to wear anything black in certain communities. However, just as cultures differ in their perceptions, so do connotations associated with various customs. There are also some segments of the society where black is actually considered as a “protective shield against evil intent”.

Whatever may be the reason, in the 21st century, black is back. Moreover, not just in any simple way – in the form of black rings! Rings – perhaps one of the most favorite jewelry items for women and men alike. While women love to flaunt them, men often wear one as a sign of eternal love and commitment to their partner.

Today we share about the various types of black rings found in the market and what wearing each of them on your finger signifies.

Types of Black Rings

There’s an interesting bit of history that goes behind the way it all started. Greeks loved carving rings from a precious kind of quartz known as black onyx. This stone was renowned for its glossy shine and smooth texture. The same onyx came to be used by the Romans in a completely different way. They would craft cameo-styled rings, which were used as seals.

Promise Rings

The same black onyx is used in the modern era to create beautifully styled black rings, which men and women love to adorn and flaunt. Let’s look at some of the most popular varieties available in both jewelry stores and online:

  1. Black Wedding Bands – These have really become popular especially among those who, contrary to popular belief, believe black to symbolize power, strength, and predictability – all of which signify the traits of marriage. Among the most popular names in the wedding ring market, include black titanium and tungsten, both of which imply eternal commitment and how strong it is.
  2. Purity Rings – Black onyx finds mention even in the history when the Roman warriors would carry with them deity carvings made of onyx into the battle. It was meant to protect them against exterior threats as well as from conflicting emotions within so that the warriors could lead themselves to victory with a bit of self-control and strength. Even today, black onyx has carved its way into purity rings to symbolize pure commitment in a relationship.
  3. Promise Rings –When it comes to expressing commitment, nothing more proper than giving a promise ring, that too a black one. Laser-carved Celtic endless-knot designs on black titanium and tungsten are particularly loved by couples, for knot designs are often believed to be symbols of infinite love and loyalty.
  4. Black Diamond Rings –Diamond rings are a popular demand item for engagements because diamond too reflects purity, innocence, and infinite love. Couples now often opt for black diamond rings for engagement – an indicator of the depth of their feelings for each other as well as the limitless and unknown possibilities of their lives together.
  5. Equality Rings – These rings are generally associated with promoting a specific idea or belief, such as the one that encourages equality in terms of the legal right to marry for people of sexual orientations. These black equality rings are engraved with the term equality, reflecting a vow on the part of the wearer to commit them to boycott the institution of marriage until equality is met for all.

The science and history behind the color black may mean anything but modern-day trends have proved that people like to live life on their terms. Even when it comes to a simple piece of jewelry, they’d be ready to go against popular belief and follow what they feel is chic and in style. Black wedding bands, for example, have gained instant popularity since their introduction in the market. Find the one that suits you and your partner today!

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