Herbal Badam Rogan Oil

Almonds are highly nutritious and extend extensive benefits on the skin, hair, physical development and on the mental development of individuals. Adding considerable quantities of almonds to the diet not enhances its taste, but also improves its nutritious status. The oil extracted from the nuts is been using in extensive amounts in medications and cosmetic products. The vitamin E component in almond oil also offers tremendous anti-oxidant benefits, these unsaturated fatty acids promotes heart health. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Badam Rogan oil:

The Badam Rogan oil is suitable for both men and women and is suitable for all the hair types. It finds extensive use in the treatment of dandruff, hair fall, scalp problems, hair strengthening, stress relief, etc. The Badam Rogan is an ayurvedic oil and is versatile in its use. The oil is useful for both children and adults. It also helps in relieving stress and tension. It offers instant energy and keeps the body warm during winter months. The Badam Rogan oil is also good for the immune systems. It helps in promoting healthy skin and also helps in decreasing the dark circles under the eyes. They also help in rendering a healthy hair and a nourished scalp apart from fighting dandruff. Apart from all of these benefits, the oil helps in prenatal and post-natal care of the users as well. 

Best ways to use the oil:

The ayurvedic Badam Rogan oil is beneficial to take with a warm glass of milk. It is also good to apply the oil directly on the body and on the scalp. The oil is free of chemicals and preservatives and is a natural oil that contains no artificial fragrance or colors. The oil also helps in delaying the signs of aging owing to its anti-oxidant rich ingredients. The herbal badam Rogan oil is an excellent source of magnesium, copper, vitamin E and phosphorus. 

Composition and indications:

Each of the 100 ml of the oil consists of Badam oil along with Bhavaprakash  Nighantu. The oil is ideal for infants and for people of all age groups. It is ideal in relieving tension, in boosting immunity, in promoting healthy skin and to fight dandruff. It helps in preventing instant energy for the otherwise fatigued body and helps in relieving constipation as well. It helps to build stronger bones and keeps the body warm in winter. It is effective in treating wrinkles and dark circles as well. 

It is important to store the oil in a dark, cool and dry place. It is important to recap the bottle tightly after each use. Torque Pharmaceuticals is one of the pharmaceutical giants in the country and is known for its ayurvedic medicines. It is a leading retailer of cough syrups, roghan oil and kesh 999. All of its products are of natural ingredients.

Final words:

The herbal badam Roghan oil for skincare is considered as the rejuvenator of hair and skin and is also an effective health tonic. The badam oil is its purest form can benefit the entire body from head to toe. 


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