Beautiful Wall Paintings for Living Room

Are you an art lover? Do you like paintings? Are you a fan of wall frames? If the answer is yes, then we at Wall Mantra provide the best wall painting frames for the living room. We have an endless collection of beautiful wall paintings for a living room that is bound to impress you at every click. 

Discover our range of products

Ask any variety and we shall show it to you. Our curators offer mind-blowing products to satisfy your needs. We offer canvas paintings, wallpapers, wall stickers, posters and even car stickers! Our designers scan the market and bring to you the best of themes! For our spiritual customers, we offer Buddha themed designs, Ganesha themed wallpapers and stickers and more. Our quirky posters are a fun addition to your wall. We sell motivating quotes for your office space. Our nature-inspired paintings can be utilized anywhere. Be it in a kid’s room or guest room and even the bathroom. Knock yourself out and explore our range!

Our Frame Variety

We offer beautiful wall paintings for living room in wooden frames, metal frames, canvas padded frames, aluminium frames and digital wall frames. They are available in many colours to complement a particular painting. For example, some of the best wall painting frames for the living room with a spiritual theme are purchased with a canvas body with a wooden support structure. They come in parts and have very thin or no frames. Paintings with quotes and murals are often thinly framed to pay more attention to the art piece. Classic ones like watercolour paintings and even some religious paintings come with elaborately designed wooden frames. Digital art can have white frames in the art piece itself!

Beautiful Wall Paintings for Living Room

How to choose a frame that suits the painting?

Choosing the best wall painting frames for living room depends on the painting style. Certain paintings look good with intricately designed gold frames to give a very rich and elegant look. Usually, wooden frames are used where designs are carved and painted with gold. If your room has a royal feel, this frame type can suit you perfectly. Frames like these can vary between 7-12 inches in thickness.

Contemporary living rooms with minimal designs can have no frames in their paintings or very thin frames. The thickness never increases beyond 4 inches. The idea is to provide a surreal and minimal effect. 

Textured frames can also be used in abstract paintings. Framing abstract and beautiful wall paintings for the living room can be very easy. Multi-layered framing concepts are also available. Abstract paintings have no rule and you can experiment with it as much as you want! 

Before framing any painting, however, remember to use conservation mounting. Luckily all our paintings come with mounting support, so you don’t need to worry about that! All you need to do is get your shopping bags ready and dive into our art world. Our services guarantee the best quality standards, with affordable pricing and fast delivery.


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