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Pregnancy is a time when you eagerly anticipate the arrival of a newborn baby. A lot of times numerous discussions take place in a pregnancy online community about common problems that could arise with your little one during pregnancy. Some amazing facts have come to light on a pregnancy forum as follows

A proper bath should not be given to the baby until the umbilical cord falls off

The moment the newborn baby reaches home you need to take care of all their needs and this includes feeding and cleaning and how often. Till the point of time, the stump from an umbilical cord falls off to make sure that you do not give a proper bath to your baby. The best way you can clean the baby is to give a sponge bath and ensure that the sponge is not that wet but damp. Discuss with your doctor on how to take care of the stump of the umbilical cord and no need to pull it down. It is going to fall down with the passage of time.

Pregnancy Online Community

The newborn baby is going to point out when they are full

As a new mother, you will be engrossed in feeding your baby, but some help from the baby would not be a bad idea. The baby is expected to be with you for most of h feeding session. Though you are not sure whether the baby is full or not you can go on to locate subtle signs. When they are hungry they are going to be full and if they are full would turn off the breast.

The nails of the newborn are known to grow very fast

Do not fall into the trap of the nails of the newborn as they are known to grow very fast. They are fragile and they might look as thin as paper but on the real front, they can go in a rapid manner. For the first few weeks or even months, you might be scared to trim those nails as you might accidentally end up harming the baby. When the baby is sleeping you can trim those nails with the help of a nail clipper.

Newborn sleep with their eyes open

It does not mean that you knew the born baby is going to sleep with their eyes open, but somewhat this could be the case. When they are asleep you might be confused whether they are sleeping or staying awake. The babies are not going to sleep with their eyes fully open as their eyes are half open making you wonder whether they are awake or not.

Newborn produces milk

During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place and some of them pass on to your baby. The chances are high that the boy or a girl would produce some amount of milk from the nipples during pregnancy.

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