Pixel Institute provided Advance Courses of Photography

Advanced Photography Courses

Welcome to Pixel Institute for our Advanced Photography Courses. Here you will find our advanced photography classes. If you’re just getting back into photography, you may also be interested in our refresher course before venturing on to our more advanced lessons. Producing lovely photos may be easier if you perceive some easy photography ideas. This free photography course can teach you all concerning bracketing, flash photography, hyperfocal distance, focal length, and perspective. The courses use visual aids, diagrams, and histograms to assist you to improve your ability to properly expose your pictures, and overviews some of the best techniques for taking that perfect picture.

Studio lighting techniques and correction techniques – Understanding studio digital flashlights and accessories. Studio portraits (Study to take pictures of people beautifully. Plus, how to make anyone look great! Studio Portrait lighting designs and correction techniques in detail) – model portfolio shooting – fashion and advertising shots involving people/models – out of doors portraits exploitation studio flash and transportable flashes – Speed light controls – slave and master flash setups.

Camera RAW correction – Understanding the Adobe Camera RAW image correction and editing techniques.

Some important questions for about Advance Photography:-

– How to see and visualize a candid shot? 

– How to make the candid shots meaningful & storytelling? 

– How to use the professional studio flashes in the wedding events? 

– How to use the professional portable camera mounted flashes? 

– How to use the available lights and video lights as sources? 

– The way to combine the higher than lights in a very wedding/event scenario? 

– How to use Lunchroom Ranger flashes for outdoor couple portraits? 

– How to use monopods in wedding shoots for low light photography/top angle/low angle 


– the way to manage the depth of field effectively to inform stories through photos?

– How to use fast prime lenses like 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.2 and zoom lenses 16-35mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses for shooting candid shots? – How to motivate the couple in a pre/post wedding shoot?

Advanced Photography Courses

Benefits of photography and videography courses:-

  1. Photography Documents Your Journey through Life
  2. Job Placement and Counseling
  3. Professional Feedback on Your Work
  4. Exposure to Different Types of Photography
  5. A Professional Portfolio
  6. Photography Affords Immortality
  7. Access to the Latest Technology and Equipment
  8. Photography Inspires Your Imagination

If you’re trying to launch a career, then college campuses are often a great place to start. Many photography colleges have career services departments dedicated only to serving to you land employment once graduation. Career counselors can be valuable resources for helping you write your résumé, assemble a portfolio, prepare for job interviews and locate employment opportunities and internships.

Pixel Institute give experience in photography course by the knowledgeable trainer belongs to skilled fields, we know photography is a subject that requires less theory. We also emphasize more to self-learning enhancing mostly trails and errors and experimentations methods. Our institute committing to produce a very systematic learning method promising individuals leaving behind their passion for photography.

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