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We offer a full range of garage services to vehicle owners located in Las Vegas area. All mechanic services are performed by highly qualified mechanics who are ASE Certified.  

We can handle any car problem.


Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics strive to ensure that your vehicle will be performing at its best before leaving our car shop.



  • √  Over 20 Years of Experience

  • √  We accept all Extended Warranties

  • √  We are a friendly, helpful and professional group of people

  • √  Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services

  • √  We get the job done right — the first time

  • √  Same day service for most repairs and maintenance


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1. Clunking or thumping can mean a defective universal joint, prop shaft or rear differential.

2. Heavy knocking or pounding from the engine/drive train can mean worn crankshaft bearings, bad connecting rods or loose bolts in the automatic gearbox torque converter.

3. Pinking or pinging can mean the fuel you are using is too low quality for your engine. This can be remedied easily by switching to a higher-octane fuel or having the ignition timing checked.

4. Metallic screeching or scraping can be a sign of worn brake pads.

5. Squealing can mean a loose fan belt or loose fan/air-conditioning compressor belt.

6. Thudding or thumping can mean a loose pulley or loose exhaust pipe.

7. A low-pitched rumble can mean wheel-bearing wear.

8. A ticking sound that increases in speed as the engine is revved can mean non-lubricated tappets due to low or dirty oil.

9. Whining can mean differential or transmission wear.




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