Improve Website Readability
Improve Website Readability

One of the factors many website designers fail to consider is website readability. They think they can get away with best design and sales copy. But if the readability is poor, no one is going to read that content. The good news, however, is that it is not so difficult to improve the readability of your website. Here are a few tips that can help:

Larger font

Making your font larger is one of the easiest ways to improve the readability of your website. Try using font size of 14 or 16 PX. This will make your website accessible to the visually impaired too.

Greater Line height

Make sure there is enough space between the lines of your text. 24px is often the optimal line height. This can make your text easier to read.

Consider the contrast between the text and background color

Black text on white background is often the easiest to read. This is because of the striking contrast. Light grey text on white background may not do it. So make sure the background color and your text color are in sharp contrast with each other.

Narrow lines

Reading too long lines is often taxing and strenuous on the eyes. It is better to keep your lines narrow, just like they do in the Newspapers and magazines. Include narrow columns so that the eye doesn’t have to travel too far to complete reading the line.

Make use of sub-headlines

Headlines are important; but it is also important to include sub-headlines to break down your text. One sub-headline for every 2 paragraphs is ideal. Make it bold and use a font that is slightly larger. This will make it easier to read. Even if your readers are not reading your entire text, they will get the gist of it by going through your sub-headlines.

Use bullet points

When compared to paragraphs, lists that are bulleted are easier to read and understand. They break your text blocks into tidy chunks and draw the attention of your readers to the main points.

Include images

You can break down your text pattern all you want, to make it easier to read. But including images is the perfect way to do this. Also, it is very easy for people to get “visuals” when compared to text.

Keep your sentences short and simple

Your website is not a place to show your language proficiency skill. You want your content to be easily understood by as many people as possible. So, try and keep the sentences as short as possible.

Divide your text into paragraphs

Large chunks of text are very hard to digest. What you need to do is add a new paragraph of text after every 3 to 4 lines. Also make sure you leave an empty line after every paragraph.


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