Bio-Organic Colourless Henna Leaf Powder

Simpler and natural is better, for our bodies and the environment, right? So we should always go for the natural products and Henna is one the best natural hair dye being used in almost every Indian home since ages and he natural hair dye phenomenon is the biggest trend right even now.

To prepare henna hair dye the traditional way involves first drying the henna leaves under sunshade that won’t affect the natural effect of henna. Next, they are ground into a powder. This powder then mixes with, most commonly, lemon juice or warm water. But now there are some Organic and natural Hennas are available apart from the chemical-based hennas like one most commonly used is Indus Valley Bio Organic Herbal Henna Powder is 100% pure henna powder assembles with absolutely no chemicals. 

Henna is a hair dye that almost everybody knows; today we will reveal seven impressive benefits of Henna for both Hair & Skin. Remember one thing that henna can be used with any natural products but henna is not used to lighten the skin/ hair, it only darkens them:

For Skin:

  • Heals Scabies, Fungal infections and wounds

Henna has powerful antiseptic properties that make it extremely beneficial for the skin-calming all scabies, healing all wounds and treating the fungal infections while soothing down the skin and calms burns as well.

  • Beautiful Mehandi designs on hand

Henna is a traditional herb that is being used to stains the hand, arms and feet covered with elaborate designs on the special occasions and it gives a sign of happiness and joy so does use in happy occasions. 

  • Treats Baby Rash

Colourless natural henna like” Bio-Organic Colourless Henna Leaf Powder” is good to use for a baby rash that soothes all rashed skin and gives no colour. Also, the henna is good for brittle nails and for the cuts and itching due to its cooling effect and calming nature.

Bio-Organic Colourless Henna Leaf Powder

For Hair:

  • Extreme Brightness

Herbal Hennas makes brighter than ever. Hennas nourish hair so deeply into strands, roots through follicles and all scalp that the natural brightness comes out with the smooth texture of hairs. Hair will get ultra glossy with luxurious shine after the henna application.

  • Strands got denser

Henna actually encourages the hair growth a lot. Henna increases the volume of the hair making them long and shiny. It basically adds strength to the hair. Also, the henna makes the hair locks and strands thicker and stronger burst out in healthy hair locks.

  • Lustrous Smoothness 

Removing the amount of frizz and dryness in the hair while nurturing them from roots to cuticles. Henna is a luxurious hair smoothened that eliminates all dryness, irritations and damage of the hair and exfoliates them to present themselves as shiny smooth hair.

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  • Colours Beautifully With Grey Coverage

Natural Henna, in general, gives red-brown shade perfect for redhead lovers and it effectively covers the all grey/ white faded hair transforming them into the reddish brown shade. And if someone wants the natural black then mix henna with the indigo powder to prepare a natural black hair dye. 


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