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When it comes to your wedding jewelry, there is only one thing you desire- and that is perfection. You want your jewelry to complement your wedding dress and accentuate the design, patterns, and colors.

Here are the tips for buying jewelry online to accessorize your wedding gown:

  1. Avoid going overboard

The most important aspect of selecting wedding jewelry is saving yourself from overdoing it. Of course, every jewelry piece will tempt you with its bling and baubles, but you can’t have it all. Too many accessories start outshining your dress instead of complementing it. So, when selecting your wedding jewelry, focus on getting the most value with the least amount of jewelry.

  1. Select metals that match your dress

If you feel confused about selecting between gold and silver jewelry, let your dress help out. The color of the wedding dress should play an important role in your jewelry choice.

If your wedding dress is white in color, you should go for silver or platinum pieces. Bright-colored hues give a pretty appeal to white-colored dresses.

In case you have an ivory wedding gown, you should give it a complementing glow of gold. The creamy color of the dress shines more in the presence of gold jewelry.

Many women prefer the champagne color in their wedding dress. Such dresses give a warm tone in the category of subtle beige color. This light beige looks marvelous when you add rhinestones with burnished silver. Or go for some antique inspiration to have a royal appeal.

On the other hand, a blush gown creates a soft pinkish feel that needs the addition of rose gold jewelry. This metal enhances the pink color of your dress to a whole new level.

  1. Don’t forget about the dress neckline

The neckline or décolletage of your gown will frame your face. Your jewelry piece decides how beautiful that neckline appears.

Strapless or sweetheart neckline on a dress offers height to your face. Such a neckline needs a short or choker necklace to highlight your face and smile. It is a classic combination that works in every era. Or, you can keep your neck free and wear beautifully designed chandelier earrings. This will also enhance the facial features. The broadness of the neckline gives you the ability to add statement jewelry pieces around your neck or ear. Along with that, you can balance it with a thin bracelet, cocktail ring or bangle.

For V-neck designs of décolletage, you can select a pendant necklace or add multiple layers of light pieces. You can also pair your necklace with matching earrings, either studs or dangling ones. The earring selection should match your hairstyle as well.

For reverse halter or halter, accessorize your hair more with jewelry pieces such as vines, combs or pins. For these jewelry pieces, you can choose floral or bejeweled designs as per the appeal you desire. At the same time, you can pair it with a cocktail ring or a bracelet.

  1. No need to struggle

There is absolutely no need to feel confused or overwhelmed about not finding the right jewelry design. Start with a focused search at Pick Jewel to see all the trendy choices of women’s fashion jewelry in one place.

Then, you need to calm down and believe your instincts. Look at your dress again and again and compare with different designs and metals of jewelry.

To further reduce the pressure, you can simply go with diamond or pearl studs. They are a perfect pair for any type of wedding dress. The classic beauty looks stunning no matter what color or neckline your dress has.

  1. Showcase your personality

Ultimately, it is your wedding, so your personality should shine on this special day. This goes with the jewelry selection as well. You select a wedding dress that matches your personality. Then, use the same analogy to pick your jewelry. Use all the comparison in terms of metals and colors, but choose a design that feels like it has been made for you only.

If you go online, there are several great platform choices to buy affordable jewelry in 2019So, you can get authentic jewelry without having to spend a lot of cash. Just choose the right platform!


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