5 Alternatives To Texting That Can Benefit Your Business Security

Simple texting is no more effective option for conducting business communication and thus it has been safely replaced by encrypted messaging. Private conversations can be easily carried on with the help of this messaging.

In this respect, people often use high-tech encrypted messenger for carrying on conversations smoothly and efficiently. 

Here, the encrypted message remains fully encoded and thus they remain protected from being hacked. Nowadays, this particular form of private messaging has become quite a popular option for exchanging sensitive information in business. 

Best encrypted versions alternating simple corporate texting

Whatsapp messaging: This is quite a convenient form of messaging and this is why it has gained the highest popularity in the present era. All kinds of secret messages or videos can be now easily shared over Whatsapp. You just have to add the contacts you wish to chat over Whatsapp and then you can start conversing. Here messages can be easily deleted and on the other hand, unwanted contacts can be simply blocked permanently. 

Viber messaging: This messaging means a lot more than that of simple texting. Both photo and text messages can be randomly exchanged over the platform. Moreover, VOIP calls have made this option much more lucrative and interesting than other available options in the market. The best part is that Viber conversations can be conducted for long hours and that too for absolutely free of charge. 

ChompSMS: Here, a personalized network is being used for sending messages and for this speciality the concerned app has become so very famous. Cost-effective pre-paid plans are now available out here and thus you can easily avail the most preferable option as per your requirement and budget.

Encrypted Messenger

Adeya: Secured communications, collaboration and connections can be maintained smoothly with the use of an encrypted messenger. This app brings efficient team management with team texting or chatting and calls. The absolutely safe and secure environment can be maintained especially for saving documents. 

Google hangouts or voice: This is also a convenient option to opt for. It can be operated in a variety of ways and thus you can choose your own as per preference. Many more interesting features are now getting added to this messenger for making it much more special and innovative. You can access the same either from your mobile or from your system. You can now make easy and free calls from this platform. 

These are some of the best messaging platforms where messages remain highly encrypted and thus conversations can be preserved with greater security and confidentiality. These applications are very much flexible and thus they can be easily downloaded on your smartphone or android mobiles. You can start using them as soon as they have been downloaded. 

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