10 Health Benefits of Sandalwood

Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a really magical wood from the genus Santalum mostly recognized for its amazing healing qualities and its unique aroma. This wood has been key to healing from the ancient time, and its popularity has not waned a bit over centuries. For women, sandalwood extracts like oil and powder are a potent beauty care weapon. Such is the trust of this wood that across most cultures, its paste is applied on the entire body of would-be brides to give their skin the desired glow and dazzle.  

More so, some of the top brands in the world use the cosmetic and medicinal properties of sandalwood in their products like soap, deodorant, incense sticks, oil, toiletries, napkins etc. Sandalwood oil and power are trusted a lot of ladies for giving their skin the care, nourishment and nutrients it deserves. Apart from that, this wood has many health benefits for different organs and parts of the body. which is why people trust it so much.

Here are 10 health benefits of sandalwood –

  1. Natural Disinfectant

Sandalwood packs in powerful anti-microbial qualities. It is also known to work as a potent disinfectant to keep germs and bacteria away from the body. A lot of medicines use this quality of sandalwood to support healing and health of the skin. You can use it as a home remedy to health the skin and keep it nourished without any worry of side effects. Those who use the wood and its extracts for beauty care get amazing results without any worry to the skin.

  1. Skin Moisturizer

Sandalwood is very dear to women conscious of their skin and beauty care. It is effective against fighting dry skin by moisturizing. In fact, various cosmetic products like creams and lotions use sandalwood to help people minimize the problem of skin dryness. Regular use of its paste or oil can help boost the activity of the skin cells so that more moisture is provided for a youthful and smooth look. It acts as a natural emollient to moisturize skin without causing acne.

benefits of sandalwood

  1. Anti-Aging Agent

Sandalwood has long been used as a powerful anti-aging agent to keep the skin healthy and young forever. Its anti-inflammatory properties are known for improving the circulation of blood in various regions of the skin to ensure proper nourishment. Similarly, it helps to remove those free radicals capable of causing wrinkles on the skin. It also tightens the skin and restores its elasticity. The regular use of sandalwood can keep away excess oil and dirt from the skin to give it a flawless appearance.   

  1. Anti-acne Agent  

Beauty care experts advise the use of sandalwood paste for preventing the outbreak of acne and removing spots left behind by pimples or injuries. The use of its powder with turmeric paste is an as very effective home remedy to minimize the eruption of acne. Sandalwood is also very effective in safeguarding the skin against infection together with treating blemishes. You can trust the medicinal qualities of this wood to fight bacteria, heal wounds and maintain healthy skin.   

  1. Ulcer Prevention

Oral ulcers are mostly harmless in nature and they often subside after a few days. But if they persist, it’s better to consult the dentist and get them checked properly. Before that, you can try sandalwood paste to health mouth ulcers at home. Sandalwood extracts are known to be quite effective in controlling ulcers without causing any side effects. But if this remedy to does not work, it’s always better to visit the dentist for a check-up. Professional help can always work if home remedies fail in some cases.      

  1. Stress Buster

The medicinal qualities of sandalwood find great prominence in aromatherapy to treat various health problems. The aroma and fragrance of the oil can positively affect the nervous system and help produce the mood-enhancing chemicals or enzyme in the body. the essential oil is key to aromatherapies to fight with stress and hypertension easily. The same treatment is used to boost positivity in persons and get the ride of chronic fatigue or exhaustion.   

  1. Antispasmodic Agent

Sandalwood is a powerful antispasmodic agent helping in relaxation of the nerves and muscles. Its oil is trusted for relaxing blood vessels and keeping the heart healthy. The extracts of sandalwood, particularly its oil, are used for long to preventing muscle spasms and contractions. So, you can trust the inherent properties of this wood and stay on top of your health.

Benefits of Sandalwood

  1. Body Odour Prevention

Top cosmetic and beauty care brands in the world understand the value of sandalwood and use it heavily in their various products. Most best-selling deodorants and perfumes use sandalwood extracts to help people fight body hours and stay fresh for hours. You can also use its oil, spray a few drops on the body and carry a pleasing smell for all days. Unlike cosmetic items, this natural way of maintaining freshness is free of any skin hazard as well. 

  1. Skin Tone Balance

Sandalwood paste is part of the beauty care tools of women looking to achieve or promote an even skin tone. The regular use of pate can also prevent tan formation within the skin. It can also prevent keloid formation on the skin together with working as a powerful disinfectant. You can trust its anti-bacterial properties to maintain the health of the skin. For that reason, sandalwood products are so much popular across the world for such a long period of time.

  1. Better Oral Health  

Not many people know that sandalwood can be good for their teeth and gums as well. Its oil caries astringent qualities that can provide strength and firmness to the gums. Plus, the regular use of oil is also effective against preventing tooth loss. If you want to be on the right side of oral health, it’s better to use only proven products as home remedies. And sandalwood is something you can always trust without any worry ever. However, consult the dentist for tooth cavity filling and maintain desired oral health always.  


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